My Crash Course in Book Cover Design

Two words, guys.

Adobe. Capture.


It is the greatest fun you’ll have with a phone app. I rarely use phone apps, but I am literally addicted to this one. And, I have no idea how people typically make book covers, but I used Capture to vectorize my sketches, and it saved me HOURS (thank you Elise!).

So, I sketched up about 6 cover ideas, got feedback from a bunch of family and friends, completely ignored the feedback and just used the design I liked best initially. Painted a couple different ideas, cut out a few different paintings of Win’s profile (my main character), the title, my name, a Vitruvian man in a clock and several different clock face sizes, then moved them around on a page to see what I like. I felt very arts-&-crafty (sitting by my cute little sewing machine that I have probably used once in my life…).

Book Cover Sketches






Then, I realized I could digitize my sketches with Adobe Capture and manipulate them in Photoshop (being the clever, tech-savy wannabee I am). So, I found access to a Photoshop free trial, created about 5 different covers there, again ignored everyone’s conflicting opinions, and just went with my own favourite cover.






I ended up with a gritty black sketch of Win with a clock for an eye looking down on the title. This, of course, was all after several all-nighter, self-directed Photoshop & book design crash courses.


Then sketched up 4-5 ideas for the promotional material, sent them to my librarian sister for feedback, reworked them, sent 3 options back to the library with a little cartoon, spectacled, bun-headed version of myself serving up a delicious serving of my new book.


Promo poster3

Author Visit Poster1

And on to World-building!

Phewee…it’s a big job! Creating a world, its geography, people, rules, traditions, customs and languages all from scratch! Fun – but takes AGES. Ended up with 20 notebook pages full of notes, caste rankings, titles of societal respect, a map of Banaan, and sketches of different races and main characters.


All sorts of fun.

Not as much fun as sleep, at this point. But, you take what you can get, yeah? (;



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