LISTS: the solution to all chaos

When I got news of plans to use my book baby for my hometown’s Summer Reading Program, I got up early the following morning to start editing and realized that I was looking at an awful, Pantser 1st Draft. I was horrified I let ANYONE read it. SO many plot holes. It was really just a book skeleton with shreds of flesh, aaaand it had to be ready for a book club in 5 weeks! GAH!


So much to do! All the things! Gah! I was in a mad dash to get everything done. And I mean mad. Like, frothing-at-the-mouth, pulling-out-the-hair, avoiding-the-world sort of mad.

So, me being me, I did what I always do when facing a Class 5 Freakout:

I made a list:

  1. Create book cover
  2. Create promotional poster for Author Visit
  3. Create Book bible
  4. Edit Book (Version 3)
  5. Research self-publishing/ beta reader options (Amazon’s Createspace?)
  6. Order 3 proofs for my unofficial proofreaders (Leland. My mum. Two brothers. Two sisters. A cousin.)
  7. Put together Author Visit Presentation (May 31, 7pm) & school visits
  8. Beef up social media (website & instagram. ugh. social media…)
  9. Proofread myself – make edits & consolidate all proofreader’s notes
  10. 4th edit
  11. Order 35 proofs & deliver to library.
  12. Follow Teen Reading Program through Facetime. Record beta feedback.
  13. Consolidate & implement feedback for final edit
  14. Research publication & make submissions
  15. Become famous author. Finally buy Wild Alaskan Salmon & stop cutting your hair yourself.

The solution to all chaos: lists. Lots of lists.

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