Sheesh. It’s tough work to keep writing things for other people’s eyes. I need to get faster at it. It seems to take me forever. But, I think it’s a really good habit to need to write at least one article a week that could be important to other people – that is refined for other people. It makes me look for meaning in my life. It makes me want to learn. It helps me hold my writing to a higher standard than that of my journal. It gives me more confidence in communicating with others. Often, I keep my thoughts to myself. The next level of communication is being able to effectively communicate these ideas to others.

There’s still the fear of failing. Of wanting to take the back door and not care so much. Of not putting as much effort in. But, this is a good habit for me, even if nobody reads it.

It’s hard to think of nobody reading it though. Even when I write in my journal, I think of someone, whether it be my older self, or my kids, or grandkids – someone – reading it later. What’s the point of writing if no one reads it? I suppose, that’s one reason I want to blog. Perhaps someone will read it. All these hours, pages upon pages upon pages of words – what use is all that, if no one ever reads them?

world oozing wordsBut then, I look at all the blogs out there. All the words. All the books. Ugh. The world is oozing – overflowing with words. And some of them are pretty superfluous (Haha! I always wanted to use that word!). All humans are unique, but with billions and billions of us, aren’t we all very similar, taken together? And, if so, why should I write more? Wouldn’t anything I write be incredibly redundant? Surely, someone has had the same thought – written the same thing. And, most likely, someone has thought or written much better than I ever could.

So, why add to this excess of words?

I was thinking about this while I was reading St. Augustine’s Confessions the other week.

Augustine is explaining why he is telling his life story (his “Confession”). He says, “I tell it to my own kind, to those other men, however few, who may perhaps pick up this book. And I tell it so that I and all who read my words may realize the depths from which we are to cry to You [God].” (2.3.1)

st. augustine

This really struck me. This book was Augustine’s testimony. He wants to share his life story so that anyone who picks up his book, whether few or many, may benefit from the belief that burns within him.

So, maybe we all need to be a little more honest. A little more genuine. Yeah, maybe no one ever reads it. But someone read Augustine’s Confession. A lot of people, actually. And it made a difference. Maybe your words could too!

love brit


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